How To: Event Staff Subscribed Calender Setup

Most people are using digital calendars on their devices to plan their entire lives. Their calendars combine personal obligations, business meetings, and reminders/to-dos. A subscribed calendar is a feed direct from a server, like Event Dispatch, that calendar providers, like Google Calendar and iCal, regularly check for updates on an interval basis. As you schedule your event staff and employees their calendars are automatically updated. The same works if you update an event shift call time, end time or call location, when the calendar provider syncs the calendar the shift updates are brought over. Event Dispatch subscribed calendar has default reminders set for 30 minutes and 120 minutes prior to the start of a shift.

iPhone Instructions

Step 1:

Open settings and select Passwords & Accounts

Step 2:

Select "Add Account"

Step 3:

Choose Other

Step 4:

Select "Add Subscribed Calendar"

Step 5:

Paste URL provided from your profile into the server field.

Google Calendar Instructions

Step 1:

Click the + icon next to Other Calendars

Step 2:

Select "From URL"

Step 3:

Paste URL provided from your profile into the Url of Calendar field and click Add Calendar button.

BONUS: Step 4:

Google Calendar does not accept the default notification settings from the URL. Set up your own notification preferences here to remind you about upcoming event shifts!